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HighCee Aerial Robotics

Flight systems

HighCee designs are rugged and easy to maintain, built with top quality components, many of which are produced in-house on our CNC and 3DP equipment.

All carbon fibre components are manufactured from Japanese sourced 3K sheet and spiral wrapped tube.  Structural tubing is double walled - usually 2mm thick to create a stiff and ridgid structure.  

Assemblies use precision CNC components, US sourced fasteners and industrial grade connectors for reliability in harsh environments.

Aircraft designs by HighCee

Available designs
Quad 500Q500 Scout

500 class Scout with an extended endurance. Can be fitted with an FPV camera and a lightweight gimbal mounted camera.

This inexpensive, lightweight aircraft is perfect for pilot training and as a first project.

Recommended FC:  DJI N3, PixHawk Mini

Quad 550Q550-R Scout-R

550 class quad featuring a ruggedized airframe. Slightly larger than the Q500-L and with similar payload capacity.

This aircraft is a reliable and very stable workhorse with flight times in excess of 25 minutes.  2K FPV camera, 4S batteries and 12" CF propellers.

Recommended FC:  DJI N3, Pixhawk Mini

Quad 700Q700 Ranger

Powerful and rugged. The Ranger is a 700 class Quad with 17" propellers and an impressive range of features.  Designed for security, police, urban surveillance missions, Search&Rescue, marine research and other harsh uses.

Removable PODs for mission sensors and companion computers.

May be fitted with multiple cameras including 2K HD FPV, 640x480 FLIR, most commercial gimbals and cameras up to 2Kg. High landing gear required.

Ranger neatly folds and stores in a Nanuk 940 weatherproof case, with a fitted foam interior.

Recommended FC:  Pixhawk-II, DJI A3

Hex 1100BigBird H1100

BigBird has a massive double deck, umbrella folding arms and retractable landing gear. Designed for full size DSLR and commercial video equipment, BigBird can comfortably carry 5Kg payloads and can be fitted with a full array of sensors and support systems including on-board computers.

Recommended FC:  Pixhawk-II, Micropilot, DJI A3

Hex 1000H1000Similar in design but slightly smaller than BigBird, this H1000 platform is supplied as structural components only. Recommended motors are 280 to 330kv with 16 to 18" propellers and 10,000 to 20,000mAh 6s LiPo power. 


Engineering support

All our designs are developed and manufactured in-house. This means that we can supply our clients with spares parts as needed, but we can also provide CAD details (.dxf) for local CNC production or 3D solid models (.stl) for local 3D printing.

Should you need adjustments - such as relocated or resized holes, specific cutouts or mounting pads for electronics, we can generally accommodate requests at no charge (within reason).