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HighCee Aerial Robotics

Special order only

We have discontinued production of the basic BMMCC Pro Gimbal. A modified design adapted for a handheld rig and capable of handling heavier lenses will be announced soon.

Please contact us for more information



To reserve your gimbal use the PayPal link below. Please ensure that your contact information and shipping address are correct. We ship only to verified PayPal addresses.  

Gimbals, including handheld rigs are manufactured to order - delivery times vary.

Pre-order customers will be notified when their gimbal is ready for delivery and full payment is required before shipment.  


Pre-order deposit: $125 US    

Gimbal: $1250 US (includes cable, universal rail mount, standard plastic case)

Cable HD15 to Gimbal: $45 (Ultraflex silicone 26AWG with locking connector)

2000mW 5.8Ghz VTX: $220 US (includes 3dB omni antenna)

600mW 5.8Ghz VTX: $65 US (includes 3dB omni antenna)

Universal rail mount (12mm): $75 US

Nanuk 915 rugged transportation box: $125 US  (Yellow, Orange, Silver, Olive or Charcoal with cubed foam interior)

Custom engineering services - please enquire. 

Shipping at cost: DHL or FedEx only.


All gimbals will be pre-configured for the BMMCC when fitted with a LP-E6  battery, Panasonic Lumix 14mm lens and two filters. This is a typical UAV weight & balance configuration.  Instructions and support is provided to balance your gimbal if you use a different lens system. Factory balancing is available for other lens combinations at no additional cost.


BMMCC Pro Gimbal

BMMCC with Panasonic Lumix 14-45 OIS lens and filters

Huge balance adjustment range



Padded box has plenty of room for the camera and accessories.

A NANUK 915 rugged transportation case is also available to carry the gimbal, camera and accessories.