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Aerial Robotics

Technical services

With a fully equipped machine shop and electronics design centre, HighCee can support your pre-manufacturing projects.


Facilities include:

Autocad 2D and 3D CAD designs

Fusion 360 collaborative 3D modelling

Rhino 3D modelling and analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Precision test measurement systems for force, strain and materials testing

Design and development of plastic components including 3D printed parts, carbon fibre and structural plastics

Microelectronics design and small batch production for prototyping, including SMT (surface mount technology) PCB boards


Bridgeport milling machine 40" table with precision DRO

Taig milling machine with full 4 axis CNC operations

Emco Maier precision toolroom lathe

20 ton press

Robox 3D printer with dual extruders (PLA, ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Wood fibre and other materials are available)

Metrology and tooling to support complex prototype and testing projects

Electronics design and development lab 100MHz/4ch analog scope; 50Mhz/2ch DSO scope; AWFG to 100MHz;HP Aligent event counter; Aligent spectrum analyzer; BK Precision 50MHz pulse generator; SMT prototyping facilities


Recent projects:

360 degree continuous rotation gimbal for the BlackMagic Micro Cine camera, full 3D operation and remote camera control functions including iris, zoom, shutter, pan and tilt control

Conceptual design through to completed UAV aircraft Q650 class, for aerial crop surveying, using high definition NIR imaging

Q500L Lightweight Scout long range FPV quadcopter

Ruggedized UAV components for commercial multirotor applications

Motor-propeller-thrust-ESC-Battery-RPM test rig to evaluate motor/prop combinations

Design and prototype testing of a heavy-lift UAV  Hex 1100 class 4Kg Hexacopter 25+ minute flights with 2kg payloads

Design through production of CAT5 shields for Arduino to allow long distance sensor integration

Design through production of FlightLights, high visibility synchronized strobe lighting for commercial UAV systems