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HighCee Aerial Robotics

Aerial Crop Health Survey Contracts

New clients

For first time clients, we offer a comprehensive Winter Bare survey which forms the base map for the following season, without leaf cover shading the ground and affecting the results.

Seasonal contracts

Contracts span the full calendar year with Winter Bare surveys scheduled between leaf drop and first growth.

Clients receive detailed reports for each field, arranged by "watch area".  Each report includes high definition images for each field, generally flown at 75m altitude with sufficient detail to identify individual plants. These reports can assist your agronomist by identifying areas of stress or under performance and quickly locate areas that require your attention without the need to walk the fields.

Survey costs are based on the flown acreage (field boundaries).

HighCee can arrange for professional agronomy services to be available on a seasonal contract basis to coincide with the most recently flown crop health survey. Agronomy services include pest and disease identification, treatment recommendations, ground truth images, field samples and laboratory analysis services.

All data collected through HighCee aerial work is the confidential property of the landowner/grower and will not be disclosed to a third party without explicit permission.


Seasonal contracts available - general flight schedule

Contract Type


Aerial survey

January to March

April May June July August September

October to December

Total flights
16 Week1 Winter Bare1-2 44442 or until harvest1 post harvest20-22
12 Week 1 Winter Bare1-24321 1 post harvest12-14
Monthly1 Winter Bare11111  5-6
3 Month 1 1 1  3
Agronomist        Total field visits
16 Week 24421  13
12 Week 12211  7
3 month 1 1 1  3

16 week contracts are recommended for crops with an extended growing season or where long term detailed monitoring is required.

12 week contracts are designed for most growers, with the season and number of flights adjusted to match the crop growth period

Monthly contracts are offered for growers with mature fields. Up to 6 flights can be scheduled.

3 month contracts are intended for ad-hoc monitoring using data from three flights which can take place at any time over a 12 month period

Please call 778 808 3125 for scheduling and pricing information