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HighCee Aerial Robotics

Q500-L Scout

500 class Scout with an extended endurance. Can be fitted with an FPV camera and a lightweight gimbal mounted camera. This inexpensive, lightweight aircraft is perfect for pilot training and as a first project.


The design allows for a variety of flight controllers, GPS and OSD systems which mount easily and neatly on the upper deck. On the lower deck are the power distribution components.


Motors are 2216-900kv driving propellers between 10x5.5" and 12x3.5". The recommended motor is the BlackWidow 2216-900kv with its integrated ESC and excellent efficiency.


Power is provided by a 4S LiPo. Compact Graphene 3500mAh to 5600mAh are recommended. The battery mount platform can accommodate most available batteries. An XT60 connection is fitted into the airframe.


The landing gear is detachable - supported by 12mm rails which are also used for gimbal and sensor mounting. The rails are 60mm apart and 400mm long.


Assembly and maintenance is simple with plenty of space for component installation and modifications.


Q500 with DJI N3 FC installed

Q500 Scout


Q500-L Specifications


Motors: 2216-900kv   Black Widow with built-in ESC recommended

Power: 4S LiPo 4000 to 6000mAh    5200mAh recommended


Choice of DJI N3 or 3DR Pixhawk Mini or Pixhawk-2

S.Bus r/c radio  8 channels (6 ch minimum) required

12V 5A  BEC

Synchronized high visibility strobe lighting

600mW VTX option

GPS included with FC option

Flight weight: 1.6Kg (5200mAh LiPo)

Propellers:  11x4.5 recommended



Airframe Kit A

Carbon fibre plates and tubes

CNC Aluminum components

ABS/Carbon fibre 3D Printed components

PETG 3D Printed components

Metric fasteners

Landing gear silicone rubber caps

LED lighting


Airframe Kit B

Kit A except 3D Printed components supplied as .STL files for self printing.

$ 180

Complete Kit C

All components needed for flight except the S.Bus radio control system and batteries. FC is fully installed, requires configuration.

Power systems installed and tested.


Option: DJI N3 Flight controller


Option: 3DRobotics PixHawk Mini


Option: ProfiCNC Pixhawk-2


Option: 600mW VTX and 700TVL NTSC camera, 2.8mm lens